Long-tailed Duck on the 1st of January 2003 along the 
Niagara River in Lewiston - Ontario  (Photo By: Brendan Klick)
Each January, members visit lakes, rivers and shorelines to count waterfowl (ducks, geese, swans, loons, grebes, etc.).  Results are usually published in the September issue of The Kingbird.
Upcoming Waterfowl Counts
2004 - January 10-18 (target date - Sunday, January 11)
2005 - January 9 - 17 (target date - Sunday, January 10)
For more information on the Waterfowl Count please go to:
Federation of New York State Bird clubs:
New York State Waterfowl Count Compiler - Region 1
 William Burch 
22 Brandywine Drive
Grand Island, NY 14072 
716-773-3690 (H)
or count coordinator,
Buffalo Ornithological Society Compilers 1955 to Current
New York State Waterfowl Count - Region 1  
Clark S. Beardslee                 1955
Harold D. Mitchell                    1956
Arthur Schaffner                       1957
Harold D. Mitchell                    1958
Edward L. Seeber                   1959
Arthur Schaffner                       1960
Edward L. Seeber                   1961
Richard C. Rosche                  1962
Edward L. Seeber                   1963
       Harold D. Mitchell             1964 to 1971
Marie A. Wendling                   1972
Harold D. Mitchell                     1973
       Alan Reckhow                     1974 to 1985
Marie A. Wendling                    1986
        Wavel H. Barber                   1986 to 1992
        Joeseph DiDomenico          1993 to 1995
             William Burch                        1996 to present

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