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Buffalo Ornithological Society - Verification Form for Unusual Records

 Name of Bird:                                                                          Date when Seen:

This outline is meant to be an aid in reporting observations; you may use it flexibly. Please use a separate piece of paper for each species. When completed, mail to the count compiler at address noted on the count checklist.

 Observers are encouraged to review a good field guide’s description of an unusual bird while it is actually under observation in the field, so that each important field mark can be looked for and checked on the spot

1.        Number of individuals                                  

2.    Locality                                                  

3.    Time of observation

4.        Observers (verifying reporter’s name first). Underline the names of any who independently identified it   as this species

5.        Light Conditions:

            a) general (sunny, light, medium or dark clouds, etc.)

       b) where was the bird ? (in the open, in light, medium or dark shade)

            c) where was the sun as you faced the bird? (facing the bird at 12:00 o’clock)         

6.    Optical equipment used

7.        Distance at which seen and how judged (estimated, paced, etc.)

8.        What was the bird doing? (flying, resting, feeding, etc.)

9.        Position of the bird in relation to observer including height relative to eye level

10.     Habitat (general and specific)

11.  Length of time studied

12.     Thorough and detailed description of exactly what you saw in the field, giving size , shape, and color pattern of the bird and all its parts, including plumage, beak and legs. If you have an original sketch made at the time of observation, please attach it.

13.  Similar or confusing species that you are satisfied have been eliminated by your description

14.  Diagnostic habits

15.  Songs and call

16.  Previous experience with this species

17. Your signature and address

18. Date and time of writing this account

 Signed: ______________________________________________  Date: _________________

 Name: ______________________________________________________________________

 Address: ____________________________________________________________________

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