Buffalo Ornithological Society

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Proposal Deadline: March 31, 2005

The Buffalo Ornithological Society makes annual monetary grants in support of activities related to the society's purpose and interests.

Grant Categories

  1. Ornithological studies and research projects
  2. Projects such as bird habitat preservation and nesting projects
  3. Funding for college undergraduate and graduate projects


Persons and organizations residing in the BOS study area dedicated to birds and their welfare including:

  1. Ornithological societies, bird clubs or groups in which bird concerns are an integral part
  2. Individuals, both BOS members and nonmembers
  3. College students including those attending out of area schools (Students must have a faculty sponsor.)

Grant amounts

  1. Applicants may request grants up to $750.00
  2. The actual amount awarded will be recommended by the Special Projects Fund Advisory Committee based on funds available, proposal quality and monetary requirements of the project.
  3. Requests may be made for continued funding of previously approved projects

Project completion

  1. When the proposed project has been completed, the grant recipient must make a written report to the Society.
  2. The grant recipient may be required to present or participate in a program on the subject before the BOS membership at a regular meeting.

Application materials

Please download and print this form (http://www.bosbirding.org/pdf/grant_application.pdf) as your application cover sheet. Carefully follow the instructions and be sure to forward: (1) your cover sheet, (2) your detailed description of proposed activities and (3) your itemized budget.

Mail your completed application to:

Special Projects Fund
c/o Dr. R. L. DeLeon
381 Cadman Drive
Williamsville, NY 14221