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Field Trips

One of the BOS highlights is a regular field trip schedule, thanks to a core of dedicated field trip leaders and our coordinator Bill Watson. BOS field trips are open to birders of all levels. Usually the trips take most of the day so plan accordingly and be sure to include a lunch. Each month, several half-day or full-day field trips, led by experienced birders, survey regional and occasionally more distant areas of special interest to birders, such as the Niagara River, the Tiff Nature Preserve, the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge, and the Lake Erie and Ontario Shores. Special member organized trips have ventured to Alaska and Churchill. For further information contact Bill Watson . Please Bring a Lunch.


December 27

Oak Orchard Christmas Bird Count
December 27: Tuesday. Oak Orchard CBC. Compiler: Gail Seamans (585-937-5105 or ).

December 27

Niagara Falls ON-NY CBC
December 27: Tuesday. Niagara Falls ON-NY CBC. Contact Willie D'Anna (751-3637 or ) to work on the NY side. Contact Kayo Roy (905-892-4433 or ) to work on the Canadian side. All payments and data go to the compiler, Kayo Roy, 13 Kinsman Court, Fonthill, Ontario, Canada L0S 1E3.

January 01

Dunkirk-Fredonia CBC
January 1: Sunday. Dunkirk-Fredonia Christmas Bird Count. Compiler: Joanne Goetz ( or 716-673-1627) and Paul Farver (716-792-9042).

January 01

Port Colborne Christmas Bird Count
January 1: Sunday. Port Colborne Christmas Bird Count. Meet at McDonald's (corner of Highway 3 and 58 in Port Colbourne) at 8 AM. Compiler: Drew Campbell ( or voice mail at 1-800-539-2329).

January 01

Hamburg - East Aurora Christmas Bird Count
January 1: Sunday. Hamburg - East Aurora CBC. Compiler: Mike Zebehazy Prefers to be contacted by e-mail if possible (); otherwise, 662-6987.

January 15January 22

Waterfowl Count
January 15: Sunday. Waterfowl Count of the New York State Ornithological Association. This is the target date, but any date between Saturday, Jan 14, and Sunday, Jan 22, inclusive is acceptable. However, the best count of shifting flocks is attained if everyone uses the target date, weather permitting. Contact the Compiler: Jim Landau at 941-3869 or A note from the Compiler: The 2006 count period for the 52nd Region 1 New York State January Waterfowl Count is Saturday, January 14 - Sunday, January 22, 2006. The Target Date is Sunday, January 15. (If the target day weather is bad, another day in the count period may be used. However, the most accurate count of shifting flocks is attained if everyone uses the target date.) It is my hope that everyone will be able to participate again by covering and reporting the same territories you had last year. (If not, please let me know ASAP!) PLEASE - Include the names of all participating birders, the date covered, hours spent, weather, & of course, a species list. Report any Bald Eagle observations along with your waterfowl reports. Sightings need to include date seen, location, time, adult or immature, and observer name(with observer's phone number or e-mail) Send me your reports as soon as possible. (I have a deadline to submit my final report, which is usually Feb 1.) I will be happy to receive your reports in any way, shape or form, including e-mail. Happy Holidays and Many Thanks, Jim Landau 9195 State Road Colden , NY 14033 716-941-3869

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